Blue Cross Thong Kheng Home

Our Mission
To provide shelter and care to healthy adults with disabilities who are in need of such services, without discrimination as to race, language and religion, to give these people a better quality of life and to relieve the caring burden on their family members.

Who Are We
The Home is operated by Thong Kheng Welfare Services Society, which is the welfare arm of Thong Kheng Charitable Institution. Our sister charities are two Thong Kheng Seniors Activity Centres at Queenstown and Tanglin-Cairnhill, and Thong Kheng Student Care Centre at the Tampines.

Residential and Day Care Services
Our Home can accommodate 116 full-time residents and 50 day-care clients. Day care hours can be flexible depending on the working hours of the family members of the clients. Respite services for residential and day care are also available. Our service charges are based on affordability.

Depending on the capabilities, interests and needs of the clients, different activities will be organized for them. These include exercises, art and craft sessions, games, singing sessions, excursions, reading time, TV programmes and light housekeeping activities.

Three meals are provided everyday, at 8am, 11am and 5.30pm. Tea breaks are provided at 10am, 2.30pm and a night snack before bedtime at 7.30pm. To respect the religious beliefs of the clients, only chicken, fish and vegetables are served. Special diets would be catered where necessary and for medical reasons.

Clothing for residents are ordinary daily wear, such as T-shirts and bermudas supplied by the Home. Clothes are washed at our Home's laundry for common use. Residents are encouraged to wear slippers with good grip while in the Home. Shoes are needed for excursions. Items of values should not be kept at the Home.

Notes for Visitors
Visiting hours are from 9am to 5pm. All visitors must sign in the Visitors Book when they come in and depart. Residents' dormitories and staff quarters are out of bounds to all visitors, unless accompanied by staff. Visitors are expected to give full co-operation to staff in providing quality care to residents.

Care-givers are strongly encouraged to make regular visits, and take residents for Family Leave. They must also keep the Home informed of any changes in their address and contact number.

Tokens in cash or kind to staff are prohibited.

Our Home welcomes enquiries on admission as well as on volunteering opportunities.
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除非有事先安排,探访时间为至上午九点至傍晚五点。 所有的探访者必须要在本院的登记簿上填写到访及离开的时间。 除非有本院的工作人员的陪同,所有探访者不可随意参观住院者或工作人员的起居室。 为了提供更好的服务素质,我们恳请所有的探访者给予院方全力的配合及协助。




201 Jurong East Avenue 1
Singapore 609791

Tel: 6560 2022
Fax: 6560 2797
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